« It’s with great pride that I take over the reins of BUSINESSMED for a second term of 3 years. Since 5 years (2010), most of the South Mediterranean countries are going through a crisis. Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Tunisia, Cyrus, Greece and other countries are suffering from it; this crisis has affected all neighboring countries. Because of the Arab Spring, most countries are affected, closely or remotely, but thanks to BUSINESSMED, businessmen discuss it, meet often and claim the support and involvement of the Northern Mediterranean. The Mediterranean is now a well-established reality in Europe and the Arab world; it carries the symbiosis of two complementary worlds, of an economic area, whose interaction is a source of prosperity, peace and progress for all countries of the region. In this perspective, we believe that BUSINESSMED has a key role to play in shaping this future, and that it is through the private sector that we will conceive and execute it.

The trade and economic integration can not do without a dialogue between employer’s organizations and public authorities. Hence the importance, in the eyes of BUSINESSMED, of pooling the voices of different confederations in each Mediterranean Partner Country (MPC). But, to make our countries an emerging economy and a growth pole of the future, it’s necessary to put them without delay on the path to economic recovery. In the short and medium term, the objectives of our economic policy must redress macroeconomic imbalances and restore growth, accelerate economic reforms and reinforce solidarity and social inclusion, and this requires the reinforcement of the relationship between businessmen both sides to find investment opportunities. A strong involvement of the private sector is an absolute prerequisite for  the Euro-Mediterranean project. Successful experiences of projects UNIMED 1 and 2, successively managed by BUSINESSEUROPE and BUSINESSMED, show that we can trust it to concretely facilitate the Euro-Mediterranean integration. On the basis of these projects, a new step in strengthening corporate organizations of Mediterranean partners should be launched as soon as possible, focusing on strengthening sectoral and local organizations that provide daily assistance to associated companies, it is in this sense that BUSINESSMED organizes a high level meeting with BUSINESSEUROPE and the European Commission to resume this cooperation and management of a common project.

And this in the hope that the implementation of the objectives of the Barcelona Process, now the Union for the Mediterranean, that the integration of countries of the North and South, that the establishing of an economic climate based on the promotion of the private sector and the strengthening of innovation capabilities will constitute one of the pillars that will allow us optimum integration in the global economy and produce a better quality of life for future generations. “

Jacques Jean Sarraf

 BUSINESSMED’s President