BUSINESSMED is a part of the Regional Consortium of HOMERe which aims to connect graduates and integrate them into the Mediterranean business world through international internships.

HOMERe involves 4 countries of the northern shore (Spain, France, Greece, and Italy) and 5 countries of the southern shore (Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia) around the Mediterranean. The promoters of the project are RMEI and Foreign Trade Advisors of France.

The project aims at:

  • Strengthening the employability of young graduates from top-level project countries, including their access to top quality jobs, through the realization of an international 6-month internship at the headquarters of a company in the Mediterranean region. This well supported internship will allow them to create a company address book, and especially to acquire new skills, valued at the end of the internship by an oral presentation to their origin country.
  • Facilitating the recruitment procedure and the success of the employer’s recruitment process in participating countries by allowing them to identify a diploma that meets their development needs in the Mediterranean and improve their training by offering internships corresponding to the real project of the company.

The project is destined for:

  • School and university graduates, RMEI UNIMED networks (and beyond, when the needed profiles are from other disciplines that are not covered by the members)
  • Companies operating in the Mediterranean region: import / export activities and / or subsidiaries and / or joint ventures in the region (Example, an Algerian company bought a Spanish production center, a French company with a Moroccan subsidiary, a Lebanese company who have an Egyptian office , etc.).

The expected outcomes of HOMERe are:

  • Good quality internship :The consortium will rely on a network of economic representatives as relays who are in charge of promoting HOMERe’s program in order to receive internship offers matching the predefined quality criteria (a real professional project, international candidates, continuous supervision, final skills assessment, participation cost compensation in a minimum amount established by the consortium, etc.).
  • ensuring a good matching between the trainee’s profile and the mission covered by the training: The consortium will be supported by a network of academic representatives as relays in charge of identifying the best students suiting the internship offered in their countries. The company will carry on the interviews and the final choice of candidates among the different pre-selected students.

To Learn more, please visit: http://homere-med.org/index.php/en/the-project

Companies interrested by the project are invited to fill HOMERe Form and send it to: [email protected]

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