BUSINESSMED is a partner in the project Edile that aims to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of local authorities that are involved in the regulation of investment: best selection and upstream assessment of investment projects, optimization of local benefits, certification of investment projects;
  • Improving the governance process: setting up coordination and dialogue tools between public and private, local and national governments and civil society.



  • EDILE project’s priority will be given to public organizations that are in charge of evaluating the investment projects, issuing permits or giving any financial or technical support: national authorities (ministries and investment agencies) and local authorities (cities, regions, organizations and economic zones).
  • A wider spectrum of actors is also concerned by the project: companies and business support organizations, financial institutions (banks, investment funds) and civil society representatives. Investors themselves have a strong interest in engaging EDILE approach, which offers them the opportunity to optimize and develop their projects.

To learn more, visit: http://www.edile-initiative.org/fr/


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